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Modular car wash facilities 
– Start generating profit quickly

Starting a car wash business is easy. Get a fully operational car wash facility that is instantly up and running. Our washing facilities are ecological and certified for safety. We can also provide you with washing machines and maintenance services, permits and all-inclusive site construction services.

Superior solution with Innorent:

Quick turnkey facility deliveries, as quickly as in 2 weeks
Fully automated and optimized for demanding conditions
Financing options available
Ecological choice

Car wash that generates revenue

Car wash services are an investment with good profit margins. Our leasing prices start from €6,000/month and you only need less than 100m2 of permitted building volume.

As the Innorent car wash is a portable facility, you can move to a different location later or sell the unit to a new operator.

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Best washing results. Happy customers, reliable washing machines and maintenance services.
On average 5-fold profit for each wash. (Expenses are approx. €5 per wash.)
Fully customizable for colors and optional features.
Quick deliveries, portable facility.
Minimal upkeep and cleaning costs.

Our experts will calculate and present the optimal business model for you. We can also help you with payment systems and financing options for your car wash.

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