Choose Innorent car wash facilities

Simply beautiful and efficient. All Innorent car wash facilities come with reliable technology and high-quality components made of durable materials. The car wash is pre-built in Ylöjärvi, Finland, and shipped to its target site. The car wash provides reliable, 24/7 operation throughout the year with minimal upkeep and operational downtime.

We help you design:

Car wash appearance and traffic arrangements
Site construction
Lot dimensions and required construction permits
Environmental and recycling issues
Washing machines, equipment, transport and installation
Car wash performance projections and repayment calculations
Personnel training
Aftersales and accessories for portable car wash facilities

Consistently high-quality washing results with minimal upkeep and costs

The instantly ready car wash facility consists of a washing module and a technical space module. The technical module contains all technical equipment, washing agent containers, air conditioning and drying machinery and electrical and automation equipment. An optional retail store element and related furniture can also be included in the module.


Get your car wash business to a flying start by renting the facility and machinery.

Getting started is really easy – all you need is the car wash, washing machinery and a suitable piece of property. For a single monthly fee, you can rent the car wash and a ready-to-use washing machine, including upkeep. As the car wash is portable, it is possible to implement new kinds of financing solutions and move the business to a different location later, if needed.

Due to its extremely compact size, Innorent’s car wash requires a minimal amount of permitted building volume. Multiple units can also set up side by side, thanks to the modular structure.

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All-inclusive TammerTotal service

We provide the washing machines and related technology via our leading partners in the business.

The all-inclusive TammerTotal service by Innorent and Tammermatic provides a one-stop solution: a car wash facility and a ready-to-use washing machine in the same package.

Tammermatic is the leading technology provider for car wash machinery.