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Rent car wash premises and machines and start a car wash business effortlessly

Starting a car wash business has never been easier. What’s needed are premises, car washing machines and a suitable plot of land. Innorent and Tammermatic’s TammerTotal solution brings together the complete solution: You will get leased car wash premises and a ready-to-use car washing machine with maintenance functions for a single monthly fee. We cannot offer you a plot of land but can help you in permit issues.

Tammermatic is the technology leader and pioneer in car washing machines; Innorent’s portable leased car wash solution is, in turn, a whole new concept in car washing. The portability of the car washing concept enables both new financing solutions and the ability of the entrepreneur to take their business with them if necessary.

Thanks to its compact size, the Innorent car wash requires only minimal building rights. On the other hand, thanks to its modularity, two halls can be positioned side by side. Ask for further details today; we are happy to help.

Leased car wash premises and washing system are an ideal solution for example:

  • For retail chains with a building permit for a car wash
  • For new car wash entrepreneurs who want to start operations with a light investment
  • For garage owners who want to complement their range of services with a self-service car wash

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