Circular economy means common responsibility

Circular economy is here – and not as the great new economic invention but as a necessity. Whereas before we lived in a throwaway society, we are now increasingly adopting the economic model where materials, products and values circulate more efficiently and longer than before.

Less waste and more intelligence through leasing and recycling

Earth’s load owing to overconsumption and population growth has forced different operators to seek more sustainable production models. To think again.

Circular economics is therefore part of sustainable development. In circular economy, the production process and consumption of the products are optimised to produce as little waste as possible and the life cycle of products is carefully considered. Products are given added value in the form of services and intelligent solutions, products are maintained and refined, or new uses are created for them.

The rentability, portability and re-usability of the Innorent halls is also based on the idea of ​​sustainable development.

Innorent and portable leased premises as part of a circular economy

Innorent’s leased premises represent a strongly circular economy. In Innorent’s model, the unit  is not built solidly on permanent foundations; instead, a portable hall is built to meet the customer’s need that they can move to a new location if necessary.

So, the right kind of hall, at the right time, in the right place. Without any burden on the budget or the environment.

The lifecycle of the hall is practically endless, the landscape is not filled with empty, abandoned halls and the lease model for the hall as an investment is un-cumbersome. This is something that can be called an infinite win-win chain.

So, Innorent thought about things – and we are challenging you to think too. We are happy to discuss this topic further.

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