– For the love of cleanliness!

Automatic disinfection machine for shopping trolleys and baskets

The FOUM® disinfection machine removes bacteria and viruses from shopping trolleys and carts. FOUM® is simple to use, highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Let your customers enjoy safe and carefree shopping!

FOUM® - ostoskärryn desinfiointiautomaatti
FOUM® - ostoskorin desinfiointiautomaatti

Quick, easy and always clean!

The automatic, ready-to-go shopping basket and trolley disinfection machine welcomes customers to your store. It enables a safe, hygienic shopping experience with carts and baskets that are guaranteed to be clean. Cart and basket wash meets the needs of customer hygiene and is safe for your customers and staff. The self-service, patented FOUM® disinfection machine does not take breaks or days off and lets your staff concentrate on their work instead of cleaning trolleys and baskets.

Watch how it works:

Products are available for a fixed monthly fee. Patented and biocide-certified Deep Desi 100® chemical, delivered to location, is included in the fee. Branding can be added with add-on stickers.

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FOUM® – Powered by Innorent
FOUM® is made by Innorent Production Ltd operating in Finland

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