INNORENT – Why build when you can rent?

A leasable hall building that is taken where it is needed – for as long as it is needed?

No big investments in bricks and mortar?

Yes. We have today’s spatial solution for you. Innorent’s lease hall.

Innorent offers leased halls, which are a real-time engineering solution for temporary spatial requirements. It can be a sports hall, an industrial building, a store-room or even a warehouse and the halls are needed from a few years to about 10 years.

In the case of a temporary space requirement, it is not worth investing in bricks and mortar and building new things; instead, a  leased hall may be the answer. Even one on wheels. Our process is simple: We design and build a suitable hall for you, deliver it to your location and remove the hall after the leasing need has ended.

We are not talking about lightweight tarpaulin halls here, but solid and reliable leased halls that that are like permanent premises and are energy-efficient and feature-filled. Check out our halls, ask for a quote and step into the era when the renter wins.

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