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Sports hall

Rent a temporary sports hall with a light investment

Good sports facilities promote both the health of the residents and the appeal of the town or municipality, but you do not always need to build new and tie up your money with a fixed, permanent sports hall.

With Innorent’s sports halls, municipalities, clubs and organisations can avoid committing to large sports facility investments and gain access to suitable leased fitness facilities without risk and within budget. Our leased fitness facilities offer efficient ventilation, appropriate lighting and sufficient changing rooms.

Innorent’s sports halls can be built as multifunctional halls: the sports facilities can be complemented with office space, locker rooms, storage facilities, cafeteria, gym, auditorium or a conference room.

Since the halls are of a temporary nature, they can also be erected in so-called “restricted development” locations, where planning permission would normally be required. This makes a temporary sports hall an even better proposition!

Our leased sports halls offer a solution, for example, for the following kinds of operators:

  • Public sector, such as temporary sports halls for schools or sports facilities for the armed forces
  • Sports clubs (e.g. basketball, volleyball, handball, floorball, tennis)
  • Private sports service providers

We are happy to tell you more about our solutions and see how we can help you get started.

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Retail hall

Temporary retail space available fast

The retail sector needs fast response times, and Innorent’s lease model is like a rapid response unit. For example, in new rapidly growing residential areas, the winner is the retailer who first conquers the potential shoppers and gains a foothold in the area.

With an Innorent building, you get a fast start in retail activities without the need for big investments. As well as the actual shop, the leased space can include the required number of loading bays, storage space, supplementary facilities, and warm and cold stores – the shop is tailor-made to include exactly the elements that are needed, and the retail premises will be like a permanent building. Best of all, you will be able to calculate your investment accurately because the lease is paid monthly, and the cost can be calculated in advance for the entire rental period. When you place an order for retail premises, you can have the building at your disposal in less than 12 months, as our construction period is only around six months.

Leased retail space is suitable for example for:

  • Franchise chains
  • Grocery retail chains
  • Changing and possibly expanding need for retail space
  • Urgent needs e.g. for the conquest of a new area

We are happy to tell you more about our tailor-made leased retail solutions and create a solution that meets your needs, in the right place, at the right time.


Leased warehouse model

Lease a warehouse where you need it

Innorent’s leased warehouses can hold their own against tough competition, both in industry and in logistics. For instance, in the changing storage needs of ports, the Innorent warehouse solution is an ideal way to scale up storage space.

The warehouses are as strong as steel and can be protected against burglary if necessary. Each warehouse is built to meet the individual needs for storage space: they can be cold or warm and be used to store virtually anything. There is no need to fear heating costs: the U-values ​​of the Innorent halls are equivalent to the thermal values ​​of fixed buildings, making them extremely energy-efficient for warehouse use.

A warehouse can be anywhere between 300-3,000 square metres in size. It can be constructed in around six months. All elements from the number of doors and windows to the height of the building are customisable and it helps budgeting to be able to calculate to the nearest euro how much the leased temporary warehouse will cost during the lease period.